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Hi there, we're Delta Epsilon.

A Modern Entertainment Experience

Pushing the Transmedia


Lift-Off Sessions 2020 - laurel (white).


The Space Between.

The Space Between is an interactive narrative experience that consists of a short film, augmented reality technology and five installation spaces.


The journey begins on an iPad with a short film setting up the premise. The rest of the narrative is completed by actively navigating the installation spaces with concealed augmented reality components that reveal more content.


The Story.

Aster, an unfulfilled young woman was forced by her Asian immigrant parents to follow a mundane career path. Her true desires lie in game design and she rediscovers her passion when she receives a gift from her long lost best friend, River. The gift is a video game — Dionysia. Aster must relive past memories and reimagine her own path.


To follow Aster’s journey, the installations are levels to River’s video game. Through the use of AR technology, the audience search for game mission clues in order to reveal more content that complete Aster’s narrative.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 6.32.10 PM.png

Extended Trailer.

A brief explainer on what 'The Space Between' really is. (2m)

Full Walkthrough.

Relive the user experience from start to finish with this full documentation of the exhibition. (32m)



The Experience.

Engaging and simple were the two pillars we constantly reminded ourselves of. There are many moving parts from storytelling, to ideating the experience, designing the user flow, creating the app, and executing the event. It’s complex on our end so that the experience is intuitive and captivating.


Find your place in the universe.

Help restore the light of the Orion constellation to save planet Dionysia from being lost in the dark. User must collect three crystals that will be crafted into stars. In order to find the crystals, the audience must first seek seek and scan the augmented reality triggers in the installations. Each trigger reveals more about Aster and River's friendship. 

Dionysia_BGArtboard 1-100.png

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Our Story

Delta Epsilon is a design and experience agency that inspires the future generation to imagine and explore new creative pathways.


We’re about combining creativity and technology to drive meaningful engagement, and a deep commitment to the quality of our work and our client’s experience.


Our team is driven to make the coolest transmedia projects emotionally investing. The

in-between of new technology and the heart of storytelling, delivering results that are immersing.


Sold out exhibition during the 45 hours of operating. 140+ users attended. 1 narrative with 3 storytelling formats.


User Reviews.

“A beautifully-executed and imaginative approach to storytelling that mixes tradition and technology. Attention to every detail of the experience. Wonderful!”

⎯⎯ L. Petrou

“Quite Awesome and inspiring. Had no idea what we were walking in to. But am glad that it unfolded that way. The Space Between immediately piques your interest. And then it all unravels from there.” 

⎯⎯ J. Sinibaldi

“This was an amazing experience, I was speechless at the end of it! Words cannot express how astounded I was by this Experience”

⎯⎯ S. Jeeves

“A superb experience during The Space Between exhibition! The team was very welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of quality delivered by the team. All the details have been thought out, nothing has been left to chance. I highly recommend this team.”

⎯⎯ A. Moulin

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