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About Us.


Delta Epsilon Productions is a group of fourth year Media Production Students from Ryerson University.


For our Final thesis project we are creating The Space Between. This project  is an interactive, multimedia narrative experience consisting of a short film, finishing half way through the story, followed by 5 immersive installations 'spaces' with augmented reality components to complete the narrative. To follow Aster’s journey, our audience will be immersed in the 3 levels of River’s video game. With the use of AR technology you will watch flashbacks, collect gems, and ultimately, help Aster discover what is written in her stars.  


To excite a new age of storytelling while inspiring the future generation to imagine and explore new creative pathways. This project is written, directed, and shot by Chinese-Canadian women and we hope to inspire and represent Asian women in the media. We aim to think outside of the traditional storytelling boundaries and to stimulate a new kind of narrative consumption.


The Space Between is about Aster, an unfulfilled young woman, who was forced by her Asian immigrant parents to follow a mundane career path, rather than explore her passions in the world of video game design. She rediscovers her light when she is tasked with completing a video game, sent to her by her high school best friend, who had long ago disappeared, River. Aster must relive past memories, and reimagine her destiny when she steps into the game world of Dionysia. 

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